Waiting for Ru

Waiting for Ru

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Surprises from China!!!!

Ok, so it has been a while since there was last an update, and to be honest until about 1 day ago not much has happened! haha! 

About 3 weeks ago I was scouring the internet to do what people in desperation for answer do, stalk stalk stalk......and sometimes emailing those pages that I stalked!!! I was stalking to find a glimpse of Ru, a tiny new bit of information as I had, up until this point, not been sure where she was or under what person's care. Now Imagine your a mom who has a deep heart connection with her child, you know what this is because you have felt this love if you have been pregnant.  You haven't even physically met this child yet, but you would step in front of a bus for this child,  and pray to someday be able to snuggle them closely, tuck them in at night and watch them grow.  You feel  that sweet baby rolling around in your tummy, you see ultra sound pics that confirm their delicate heart beat and tiny fingers and toes.  You love this child with all your heart.  Now imagine that love and not being able to feel that sweet foot gently nudge your ribs, or a flat space on your belly where a bump should be but you know there is  connection to this child that you have not met.  Imagine the insanity you must feel when realizing how much you love this little one but you have no idea where they are, if they are safe and who is taking care of them........so if I have described the desperation of needing to know clear enough thus far than you can understand why the stalking needed to happen!! haha!

So I as I sat in front of my computer, searching for orphanages and facebook pages with foster homes and other such crazy leads incliding other momma that have adopted from Datong City and have blogged about it, looking for picture after picture of a possibility of a glimpse of my sweet Ru I finally came across a lady who had blogged about her own journey to the Datong City Orphanage.  The picture she used drew me in Immediately!!!! I am sure you remember the pic I posted of Ru on my page here, well right behind her is a colorful cubby and this woman's child was sitting right in front of the same cubby!!!! Confirmation!! I had found what orphanage she was in!!  Step 1 complete!!! I emailed a few of the blogger moms, and messaged some facebook sights to see if anyone else had journey'd to the orphanage in the last few years that may have a pic of my girl.  Not expecting much I went to bed satisfied that I had exhausted every avenue to find more info that I could. Luckily baseball season started soon after this lovely evening of stalking and I got busy and distracted!!

 Two nights ago around 1:00 am I received an email notification, don't ask why I was still awake, so I checked it and was overjoyed to see that it was a response, essentially out of the blue since I first started this crazy search a month ago!!!!! They had such amazing pieces of new information about my sweet girl!! I now know for sure that she is in a foster home with a foster mom that she is heavily attached to. This makes me happy and deeply sad for the lose my sweet girl will have to endure when we first take her from her homeland.  They told me that because of her OI they are very cautious with her, especially if she plays outside so they tend to keep her inside.  The even emailed two new pictures for me to dissect every new piece of info that I can about my little girl!!  So here is my little Ru and one of our first "ultra sounds".
This is Ru sitting on her foster mommas lap
I love this one, look at those cheeks!!!

I cant even begin to tell how this has lifted my spirits and even pulled Matt to emotion as well!! God's timing is as always perfect!! In the middle of this crazy baseball/soccer season when we don't even get home in time at night to throw a proper meal at our kiddos and we don't have time to even stay awake long enough to feel like we are finishing paper work to bring her home He sends this little gem of encouragement; "I am still over here in China waiting for you Mom and Dad, Please come get me".  All of our paper work has essentially been submitted to the home study agency so now all we need to do is wait for our in home meetings!!! I am so relieved to be even this far even though it is the tip of the ice burg!!!!! I think when the home study is complete  I will call it the end of our first trimester!!!   Thank you all for your continued prayers!!! <3 <3 <3 


Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Waiting begins......

So there hasn't been much to write about recently because now, after we have finally met with our home study case worker, is the hurry up and wait part of this process.....granted every piece of paper we sign, every check we write and every moment we spend on adoption education to complete our home study we are one step closer to bringing our little girl home.........but the waiting......ugh.....  I have never been good at that so bring her home seems like such a long ways away!

I know there is a reason for this though!!

The paper work, the running around, the fundraising, the process.......the waiting.....all of this is Gods way of asking; 

"What are you willing to do to become this child's parents?"  

"How much do you love her?" 

"Will you go through all of this for little Ru, and continue to do so once she is in your home and in your care?" 

Of course the answer to this is emphatically YES I will gladly jump through hoops, sign papers, get finger printed twice and be at the mercy of my agencies all so that little girl can come home to her family. YES we will advocate for her every need, medically, emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually.  YES YES YES!!! So even if I cant quite see the end of this tunnel, where she is in my arms on "gotcha day", I know this plan has been made for a reason.  Matt is being spiritually tested by placing his trust fully in God to see how the financial part of this process will all work out as I am being tested daily to be patient and know that it is all in his hands and she will be home when His timing is perfect!  

I impatiently wait to see if I can catch another glimpse of her on someone blog or Facebook posts that are specific to her orphanage, maybe she will be in the background of one of those photos?? Maybe someone will have actually met my sweet girl and be able to tell me just another nugget of information about her little personality.  Or even more difficult for me to swallow, and probably what God wants me to feel the most right now, is that none of that is available at the moment because I am to be still and know he has it under control and when I am supposed to know more about my sweet Ru, I will be the first to know!  And Oh how excited I will be when new information is discovered, but until then I need to relax and focus on signing papers, going to adoption classes, making copies of everything, signing checks and getting my fingerprints done as many times as they require because in the end of this all I will be holding my daughter from China in my arms, forever. 

Until then here is a little bit of what we have been up to....

The month of May means baseball,softball and soccer. But before any of that can start we have to see the end of Ballet for Lou and here is a pic of her beautiful little self after her recital. 

We are so proud of the amazing lady she is turning into and the sweet big sister that is about to have a little sister. In china little sister is "Mei Mei" so Lou has been calling her Ru Mei Mei and walking around with her little "Learn Chinese" booklet. I do believe she knows more than we do currently!

So this is another moment where God is asking me to just enjoy the now, the future will come and in that future little Louise will be dancing with her Mei Mei.....