Waiting for Ru

Waiting for Ru

Monday, April 20, 2015

Questions, Answers and Blessings!!!


So let me first take a second to say THANK YOU all so much for the incredible outpouring of love and support, we are truly overwhelmed at the amazing comments and prayers that are now coming our way on this amazing journey to bring our Ru home!!! You are all so special to us and we thank God for all of you in our lives!!


Let me take the time to answer some very valid questions that have come our way,

1. "Why adopt from another country when there are so many in need right here in our own country?"

      To this is answer that is completely true and overwhelmingly so.  To be honest that is where we started this journey, with local foster care and possible adoption that way.  I agree whole-heartily that there are just as many orphans and children with horrible circumstances right here even in our own county.  The same can be said for any county, or any state or any country in the world.  So why then are we going to travel across the world to expand our family? Because for whatever reason, and certainly a reason that I cannot even fathom yet, God has called us to this particular little girl.  I believe in my heart that she has been there from her very birth but I wasn't ready yet.  When the time came for us to be ready, God let us know, and we listened!  We will continue to be involved in local outreaches for foster care and adoption in our own communities, but God lead us to Ru, and that is all I can really explain it as.  Kind of like Jonah, I could tell the Lord "This is too difficult and too far away, surely I can be just as much help here in my own state??" but I have a feeling that a hypothetical "fish" will consume me until I pray for Gods forgiveness and continue on the path of his original will in our lives:-) I don't know about you, but like the path of least resistance sometimes.

2.  "Isn't adoption too expensive??" "Do you have that kind of money??"

     I answer this one carefully as well.  Adoption is completely super expensive.  When God calls you to do something you may look at the big picture and say "NO WAY" cause who has that kind of money laying around?  But I have to believe that if He calls us then He will also provide a way for it to happen.  So no, we don't currently have that kind of money set aside, however, we are going to be so amazed at how God is allowed to move in this situation of provisions being met! At the end of this process, money aside, we will have our daughter home where she needs to be, given the medical care that she needs to function and God will provide.  We will be fundraising and I am picking up a job, and we will be creative with our finances, but all and all we have faith that if God lead us too it, he will lead us through it.......I am so excited to see how!!!
     And just for a taste of how God is already showing us that this is in his hands here is an example; So back in the beginning of me pleading and praying for my husband to see what God has in store for us he made the declaration that "If I am even to consider adopting a child you are going to need a job."  He stated this before our lovely trip to Mississippi......so while we were in Mississippi, while God was softening his heart with little Ellie, I get a phone call.......randomly.....from our local winery gift shop......"I was wondering if you were interested in working for us, can you give us a call when you get home from your trip?" It should be noted that I did not put in for a job at the winery, I just enjoy going there! haha! I should also mention that I had not committed to a job yet thus far because I didn't want it to take away from my children's time with me at home.......so when I got home from vacation and met with her and she said she would need me from 9:00am - 2:30pm.........you know, when my kids are in school......I almost laughed out loud!! some things are coincidence.....this is decidedly not......one of Matt's first "tugs" if you will:-) 

3.  "Are your children OK with this?"

     My children, especially my oldest and youngest (we have 4) are some of the biggest advocates for this adventure and we are so very blessed to have been able to have 4 amazing beautiful talented healthy biological babes and now God is now granting us a brand new adventure, not just Matthew and I, but our whole family......this journey will move us all and I am excited to see how!

Now I should take the time to mention that these questions are not the only concerns we have come across, and they certainly do not offend me, so please ask whatever you want, we are an open book. We would love to show you what we know, and maybe even how you can help too!!! We do not know everything and we do not have all the answers but we are willing to share with anyone interested what we do know!!  I do not offend easily so please don't assume, just ask away!!!

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  1. Love is the only answer.....and your love is beautiful!!