Waiting for Ru

Waiting for Ru

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fundraising Fun!!

Hello again!!

This will be a short and "sweet" post about fundraising! 

I kind of hate the entire concept of asking for help of any sort so this is very difficult for me.....that being said I am going to be very conscientious of how we go about all of our fundraising to make sure it is family and community interactive because the truth of this is, we need to raise some extra funds, I know God will provide, but this is us meeting him halfway so we will be crafty in doing so!!  

Firstly I am going to have a long running fundraiser through etsy where I will be selling these knit bracelets/cuffs:

As you can see they will all be red to represent the Chinese proverb that has become so dear to families waiting to adopt their special heart connections in China; the Red Thread of Fate.  If I haven't taken the time to explain this beautiful sentiment yet it is simply that according to this proverb we are all connected to whom we have met and who we will meet in our lives by an invisible red thread of fate that may twist, knot and tighten but never break. I love this sentiment as it beautifully portrays the truth of how we can love little Ru with all our hearts so hard already! It has been designed that way from the start!!! How cool! 

So there will be many variations are offered, thin bracelets, or thick cuffs, children and adult sizing as well!! I will be adding another Item that Evee and I are very excited about and more info will be given when we are sure we can make them! 

We will be having some fun activities planned to raise awareness in the community about the need to adopt or foster children here and all over the world. This overwhelming heart calling can not be stalled right now and  I am super excited to post more of those events information as the details are finalized!! Also, I am very open to suggestions so feel free to share your thoughts!!!

Thank you all again for your overwhelming love and support!! 

p.s. As soon as i figure out technology i will have a link to my Etsy blog sites wall but for now here is the link on this post!


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