Waiting for Ru

Waiting for Ru

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Long Overdue Update!

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH <-------------------------- 

(this is what is in my brain on a 24/7 loop since about april)

Take yourself to the Cuckoo's Nest!

Phew, glad we got that out of the way!!

Baseball season is over!!!!! Noah and Oskar played an amazing year on the Lydnonville modified baseball team.  They both pitched, Noah caught, Oskar played third and short and both boys had a phenomenal batting average! It was so fun to see how they are developing into such great young men with some serious baseball skills! Must be in the blood!!! 

Oskar and Roman were on the little league team that Matt and I coached this year that, yes, ran simultaneously with the modified boys season.........yeah.....it was as nuts as it sounds, especially when adding Evee's softball season and Roman's soccer league all running concurrent!! I Think God maybe wanted us busy to distract us from how long this home study process was actually going to take!!! Well played Lord......well played.

Both Roman and Oskar were chosen to play in the all-star game under the lights!  It was a pretty cool night, under the lights, baseball in the air.....summer at its best!

Roman is a little athlete, he surprised the heck out of us this year with his growth spurt and agility in sports! He was a boss pitcher, catcher and fielder with a great at bat stance this year! Very proud of my third boy as he grows into quite a young athletic man. Watching him in soccer is another surprising treat! He is a maniac, plays center half back and is up and down that field like it is his job! scored a few goals already and he has a few games left to go! This should look good on his resume as he plans to play for Manchester one day.

Evee had a second year of softball and has really shown some great improvement from last year! As you know from a previous post she does ballet, so sports is a new thing for her but she is a born athlete and did so good this year!! very proud of my multi talented daughter!!

I was very proud of Oskar and Roman as they chose to do some extra curricular band events, Oskar did the graduation band with his saxophone and Roman, who plays french horn normally, chose to do marching band for the 4th of July parade with the mellophone!  It was kind of sweet to watch roman put in all sorts of practice and marching in the heat for 2 hours at time to be able to preform with the precision that they all were able to achieve!  They looked and sounded great!!!!
Roman after his parade march!! Sorry no pic of  Oskar in Grad Band!!

Little Ru,  I can not wait to put a personal update on this blog for you next year!! You will be home in our arms!! Will you like to watch your siblings play baseball? Would you want to play too? Will you like the parade and the fireworks? Or will they be too much? Will you like summer? or do you prefer the cold? What will be your favorite foods, activities and games to play? It hurts my heart in a way that it has never been challenged before to not know any of this about one of my own children!  I know that I love you already so very much, as if I had known you since birth, but I do not know anything about you!! How do you spend your day with your loving foster momma? I know you get snuggles often, will you let me snuggle you too? I have no knew updates but from the last one I received you had already broken another bone, how much I want to bring you home and get you the medical care you need so you can live an active life full of and adventure and love!

Your big sister is so excited too!! She has been saving her money to buy you a great gift for when you finally come home! She draws you pictures every day and puts them up around the house! here are a few of her recent ones!! Little Ru just know how loved you are, even though you don't know us yet we love you so much and hope that you feel it a little bit, have a little bit of hope and Gods peace with you as you wait on this long journey for a home!

Ok, so there has been nothing to report at all as our home study is unfortunately taking FOREVER to complete!!! We have had our papers in and all of our work done on our end for well over a month now and there has still been no home visits, of which we need 4 total in order for them to write up a home study for us to send with our Dossier to China.  We also need to send all of our immigration information to China in the Dossier but we can not even begin work on our immigration process till.......you guessed it, the home study is complete!!! 

So with baseball season wound down, and the only thing left is roman's soccer league we had been fully expecting to hear from our case worker, which we were assigned over 2 weeks ago, to contact us for our first home visit.  After hearing nothing for this entire time I finally emailed her directly and FINALLY received a phone call from our case worker!!! Yay!! She is willing to help us expedite the process since our dossier has to be in China by October 5th so we are doubling up on visits; 2 next week and 2 the following week which means we could potentially finally be done with our home study by the end of JULY!!!!! Please keep us in your prayers next Tuesday as we are judged in our own home!! haha!!! It is a great process to weed out the potential crazies but I think the process has the potential to make one crazy as well!!

A tiny update on our fundraiser that we are trying to put together to bring this little girl home:  We had a great first meeting on July 3rd to gather ideas and get potential direction, how big, how little of an event we want this to be and I am very encouraged by all the help and support! So thank you so much to everyone who came to help plan and those who couldn't make it but are still very involved!! I can not express to you enough how excited and humbled  Matt and I are by your support and assistance!! 
Stay tuned for more Run for Ru Info!!!

In case you are wondering where Matt is on this process or what his thoughts are stay tuned for a blog from Daddy in the near future:-) 

Thank you all for your support and prayers!  

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