Waiting for Ru

Waiting for Ru

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Big Fundraiser is Almost Here!!!!

Ok, so it is 1:00am and I desperately need to go to bed but just can shut off my brain!! 

So I will write instead!

When we wake up in the morning there will be 2 full days left before our major fundraising event on Saturday which I am beyond excited about, I am praying for some major things to happen and not the least of those things is good weather, which looks like it may just happen! 

The 5K/Yard sale/spaghetti dinner/all day event with games, Chinese auctions, Raffles and other fun things begins at 9:00am and will go till 7:00 with various start times for things such as the actual 5K which begins at 3:00. Here is the flyer for our fun event; if you haven’t already signed up I will also attach the link to our ticket/donation website.

My son Noah is so excited to have a sharpie tattoo booth where he can raise some money for his own plane ticket to China as well, don’t worry, if you don’t like sharpie there will be regular face paint too!! 

Good news to report as well, our homestudy is officially complete and we have sent our I-800a into homeland security for immigration clearance which should take a few weeks then we can seal our dossier documents and get our paper work to China finally, hopefully, by the beginning of November! Praying that things go a little quicker than our homestudy at this point, but realizing that the waiting is half the battle in this journey!

I cannot say enough right now just how excited I am about this weekend! We get the most amazing opportunity to meld with our community in a big way and bring awareness to our friends, neighbors and business about the children in China just waiting for a home, medical treatments and a mommy and daddy!!!  I hope that Ru can see pictures of this day and really feel just how special and loved she is in this small area!

I am overwhelmed with the amount of donations, support and offerings of random people that came out of the blue to offer help for this weekend too, just amazing to see!
Our pastor two weekends ago spoke about how God uses us to fulfill his works, specifically the message about the classic 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  Those poor disciples were hungry, tired and just plain spent when the crowd behind them made their need of hunger known. Jesus didn’t just produce an abundance of food for these people, he had his disciples who were tired, weary and couldn’t see straight quite honestly, to gather what they could and bring it to him.  And they did, and Jesus did do something with those loaves and fishes and so I am asking God to accept our fundraiser event as our loaves and fishes because I am exhausted and overwhelmed with paperwork and document signing and emotional stress of not having my girl home, please use my weariness to His benefit!  I pray that he produces not only the funds we need to bring our girl home but that many people will be touched by the things they see, a community joining together to enable a little girl who would otherwise sit in an orphanage alone with no hope a way to come home to her family.  What an amazing opportunity to see our town’s band together in support of such a great adventure!  To say that I am humbled and beyond grateful is the most egregious understatement!

There really is so much to say about this journey, Little Ru I know you will read this someday and I hope can see how your little heart, so far away, has touched so many hearts, so far away!! Love truly can move mountains, and oceans and continents.  I cannot wait till you get to meet all of the people who have given so much of themselves so freely to be able to one day meet you, you are an amazing special girl indeed!

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