Waiting for Ru

Waiting for Ru

Thursday, October 29, 2015

SLOOOOOOW moving, but moving progress!!!

This morning I am in anxious waiting.....

-For a message from our Currier saying the Chinese Consulate accepted all of our 15 documents that  need authentication.

-For my agency to then receive those documents and prepare our dossier to go to China.

-To be DTC, which feels like an uphill battle (more on that later).

-To get any updates at all about our little Thalia Ru, a picture, an email??

-To get LOA which takes us so much closer to our "gotcha day"

-To have TA (Travel approval) which means I will have that special day marked on the calendar!

-To Hold that sweet girl in my own arms even if she is accepting of us at first, she is ours, and we are  hers and God holds us all.

-To have her in her new home, with her new sister and big brothers and a mommy and daddy that will fight for her till we are taken home.

I am just so anxiously eager for all of these things, and patience is not my strong suit as many of you know.

So if you saw some of the updates on our Bringing Ru Home FB page you will have heard some of this already, sorry in advance!!

We received our first bit of good news after the homestudy was finally complete as our I-800a approval came in the mail!!!! This document arriving started the next phase of operation "Bring Ru Home"!!! So we were very excited, here is your biggest brother holding this precious document!

We were very excited that I was going to be able to take all of our 15 documents from medical exams, birth and marriage certificates, employer letters, our homestudy packet, financials to our immigration approval letter (I-800a) to Albany in order to get them all State sealed.

All 15 Documents to be Sealed in Albany

We had already gone through the arduous process of getting them county sealed in 4 different counties which was sometimes a crazy effort, but no task is too difficult or too crazy in order to get Ru home!!  So I was able to go to Albany the first Monday of October meaning we could be DTC (dossier to China) by the end of the month or at the very latest first week in November! This was such a massive relief, we have been document gathering and pushing and sealing for about 6 months in some capacity so DTC looked like it was never going to be here, let alone a day in China to bring her home!
I was so excited, everything went beyond smooth, went to two different state buildings for notarizing and then sealing and headed back to my van in the parking garage in the middle of Albany!!

Your mommy so excited in the state court building!!!

This is hilarious now because after this happy moment I realized I had locked my keys in the van!!! I was so excited to finally be doing something for you little Ru that I took all the documents and left my keys in my van!  So  I waited, not too long, for some help, and was still too happy to be bothered by the inconvenience of my own stupidity! See, here i am still cheery, finally inside my van with my very important keys;
Ok, maybe there is a touch of crazy in my eyes here! haha!
After returning home from Albany and having your amazing daddy send all those newly sealed precious docs to FedEx to ship off to our courier so that they can hand deliver our documents to the Chinese Consulate to be sealed there next we get another little set back.  I received a phone call from the courier who informed us that the state had sealed 7 documents UP SIDE DOWN???? Which of course the Consulate could not accept............so you guessed it, back to Albany to fix this minor/major error,  We could have mailed the docs, waited for the state to get to the documents and then hoped we would someday have our papers in China but we decided it was the personal hand delivery method that would ensure it was done quickly and correctly this time! Silver lining, a little road trip with daddy!  No losing the keys this time, but your dad really enjoyed the scenery! 

Your daddy can make friends with anyone!!
We will take you here some day! this building is so huge!

Our second trip to Albany has so far been a success as we have not heard anything negative!! As a matter of fact two new pieces of information have come today;

1. Our Currier says he will be sending our Consulate sealed documents to our agency by next week so that we may be DTC in 2 weeks!!! I will believe it when I see it but it is sooooooo much closer!

2. We were able to send Ru a gift package with photos of us, introducing ourselves, a stuffed animal, some candy and a letter from us as well as money for the orphanage to give her a birthday cake on her birthday on November 17th!  We found out today that she has received our package!!! I am so excited and nervous about this!!! She now knows about us, she knows we love her and that we are coming to get her in a few months!!! I pray she is just as excited to meet us as we are to hold her and bring her home! We love you sweet girl!!!

We will get some new pictures when she gets her birthday cake so that will be an amazing treat!!  I am not sure which  I am more excited for, DTC day or new pictures of Ru day!!!!??? 

I am praying that God is keeping you safe and that you are excited about your new things that you have receive today! We love you so much little Thalia Ru, your are so loved and we pray you can somehow have a peace about that, all the way across the world!

While we wait for you we get to celebrate Halloween this year and I can not help but wonder what you will want to be next year when you are home!!! Here is what your brothers and your sister are up to this Halloween!

Cant wait till you can join this crazy fun crew!!!! Love you Sweet Daughter!!! 

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